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New ICE Video: The Value of AccreditationView ICE's new video: The Value of Accreditation.
Which is the better option: certificate or certification? Learn more with ICEWhat does it mean to earn a certificate or a certification? Which one will add value to your program? How do you know if the program is a quality program? Learn answers to these questions Jan 25 during at ICE's webinar "Certificate or Certification: What’s the difference?"
Registration Open for ICE's Governance WorkshopRegistration is open for ICE's 2017 Governance Workshop,which will be held Monday, February 13, 2017 in Charleston SC
Call for Leadership: Accreditation Services CouncilCall for Leadership: Accreditation Services CouncilAs announced at the 2016 ICE Exchange, ICE is creating an Accreditation Services Council (the Council) as a response to the growth opportunities facing ICE's accreditation services. A benefit to belonging to a professional membership organization
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